TITANisation Update

The TITANium is finally getting into our cliffs: during the last 2 weeks we have been replacing existing stainless steel bolts with titanium ones.
In Casal Pianos and Cabo da Roca, Cuca Simes, has already re-bolted the anchors of 14 trad routes.
In Meio-Mango, 18 climbers have spent their week-end drilling and gluing titanium in 14 routes that were bolted with A2 stainless steel in 2009 and were already in a very dangerous state. They also bolted a new route, increasing the number of routes in the lower grades.
This work is just the beginning of our ambitious project: to re-bolt all endangered climbing sea-cliffs in Portugal with titanium gear, making sure everyone enjoys this beautiful activity safely. We need all the help we can get. If you want to help us in any way or even if you just want to help but don’t know how, please contact us (projetotita@gmail.com) and we will gladly help you help us!

IMG_4333Titânio_Casal PianosPonta Atlântica_rapel parede das tormentas_rapel

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