Bolters needed

The main goal of the “TITAN PROJECT” is to provide a safe way for climbers to enjoy the beauty of the Portuguese cliffs, by replacing existing stainless steel bolts with titanium ones, in cliffs that are exposed to corrosion from the sea. We have already identified quite a few places needing urgent attention, therefore we are now starting to look for any help to carry on with our endeavor.

With this in mind, a route bolting course was provided by Vertigo so that anyone without bolting experience but willing to help could have their training and be able to start rehabilitating our sea-cliffs. As a result (and in the scope of the course), we have already re-bolted some routes and bolted new ones at two different crags: Pedreiras and Outão.

Rebolting at one of the most beautiful crags in the Lisbon area – Pedreiras.

At Pedreiras, the work done was solely aimed to replace existing gear in bad condition (including spits, aluminum bolts for speleology not suited to hold climbing falls, and highly corroded bolts). In this particular case, the height, orientation of the cliff, distance to the sea, and wind do not constitute a threat of stress corrosion cracking, thus we used stainless steel. The bolts on seven routes and the chains at the top bolts of some other routes have been replaced with new ones.

Besides the rehabilitation work done at Pedreiras, we have also improved another crag in Serra da Arrábida, called Outão. In this crag, eight new routes between IV and 7a have been equipped and some maintenance work also took place, such has path clearing and placing steps for easier access to sectors and routes.

This work is just the beginning of our ambitious project: to re-bolt all endangered climbing sea-cliffs in Portugal with titanium gear, making sure everyone enjoys this beautiful activity safely. We need all the help we can get. If you want to help us in any way or even if you just want to help but don’t know how, contact us ( and we will gladly help you help us!

IMG_0650 (1)
One of the new bolters in one of the new routes at Outão

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